Forgiveness: Conditional or Unconditional?

Forgiveness is probably one of the most misunderstood concepts in our society.  There are many aspects of it that are debated.  One of those is whether or not forgiveness is conditional (the offender must repent first) or unconditional (it’s doesn’t matter if the offender repents or not).  Below are some great articles that talk about this issue.  I encourage you to take the time to read them.

  • Tim Challies gives a brief overview:

Is Forgiveness Conditional or Unconditional?

  • Tim Brister asks some good questions:

Forgiveness – is it unconditional or conditional

  • Chris Brauns builds a great argument for conditional forgiveness, gives us some perspectives of others and lays out 5 basic problems with unconditional forgiveness:

Packing Forgiveness

Conditional Forgiveness is Taught by many Christian Authors and Theologians

5 Problems with Unconditional Forgiveness

  • Justin Taylor weighs in and deals a lot with the Biblical Data:

Is Forgiveness Always Right and Required?

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3 thoughts on “Forgiveness: Conditional or Unconditional?

  1. Lee Hatling says:

    SO much to think about here! I have always thought I must forgive, especially because many of the wrongs I have felt against me, were my perception. I think that I still feel that way because for me, to harbor that anger and injustice is damaging to my relationship with God. The emotion blocks my ability to worship. So maybe rather than terming it forgiveness or unforgiveness, it’s more that I have to let the offense go.

  2. JT Smith says:

    Hey Lee,

    Yeah, it’s a lot to take in. And a lot of it goes against long held beliefs that I had. I’m trying to make sense of it now. We just ordered Chris Brauns’ book “Unpacking Forgiveness”. Looking forward to getting into it!

  3. Lee Hatling says:

    Will you give me a tutorial?

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